Everything you need to know in buying your first videoke! (For Rental business)

They said that you must love and passionate on the things you want especially in business. Ever since I was a kid, I love to sing and perform. That's why I joined in school singing competitions; auditioned in various programs like in PAGCOR and the most recent was in TAWAG NG TANGHALAN (Showtime, Channel 2).

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So I decided to buy my first videoke as I want my hard earned money to spend in a worthy decision also as my childhood friend, Jane want this business too. Well, the Famous 'Raon' street near Quiapo Church is the place to be, where we can buy brand new and assembled Videoke. You can buy also other electronic rental machines in the place like PISO NET machines, SOUND SYSTEM for events, and etc. There's new Small Videoke now where OFW are usually preferred to buy because it's like baggage where can assemble to two.

Since it's Internet days now, it's good to search 'on-line' recommended reviews and tips. So I searched on Facebook for videoke owner and shops. I recommend 'Berklyn' store/shop as the reviews on their Facebook page is good. They've been doing the business for a long time so we will be assured on the originality and good quality of their electronics supplies.

Things To Remember:

  • ALWAYS coordinate or give the shop a call that you are buying brand new karaoke units, so that they can prepare your preferred brands of Karaoke Player, Amplifier, Speakers and others. Also, don't forget your chosen style of Karaoke designs (Body or Kaha) they usually call as that, because they will give you the 'Kaha' which is not 'Napipili' or taken as often.
  • For Renting purposes, choose the small one which is 12×4 size so that it has trolley on it and it's not that heavy compared to 15×4 size. Well, the Kuyas or the workers (installers) are always giving their thoughts and suggestions so don't worry. Simply ask them.
  • If you just want a videoke for 'Karaoke Bar' use or for Rental Business- The Videoke player that you can choose is PLATINUM (Mine, I bought Platinum Reyna, that's the cheapest (20k). There's Platinum Kapitan but they have different prices.

The above picture is just a sample price(s) of their units. Prices may differs as you know 'inflation' can cause the prices to go up. 

Photo is not updated as per Berklyn shop who sent it to me.

  • You need to buy separately the USB for the Movie/MP3 for your videoke. Just ask the installer for one. I paid 500php, it comes with songlist already.
  • Better to have your own car for the videoke service but if there's none, kuya barker will keep you asking for the service (if you have). They ask for 1,000php for the Jeepney service.

As I'm writing this story my first unit is doing good as this is taking care of by my younger brother Christian who has a small retail store in their house in Bayugo, Meycauyan Bulacan and we had scheduled rental already for the videoke.

Wish us luck on this as we are planning to add more with gracious of God.

Thanks for reading!

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It’s Okay to Start over again.

On the above title, it can describe lots of things in life. Probably money matters, your ‘screwed-up’ business, Friendship that was forgotten, oh your Love life… well, for me, I’m going through the tough times for my career.

For those who are following me on my social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, IG- I oftentimes posted about my new work as a Corporate Area Specialist in Avida, an Ayala Land Company. In Filipino layman’s term it’s ‘Ahente ng Bahay’.

To give you an idea, we are licensed ‘seller’ or ‘Real Estate Salesperson’ that undergoes accreditation from Professional Regulatory Commission or PRC and as well as HLURB or Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board. In Avida, they are giving their sellers 3 months for their allowance ( 24k including the 1k for Insurance).

Yes, you heard it right! Avida has the addition ‘Bucks’ for their sellers. Being a Real State Agent can turn you to a millionaire once you sold many units (I.e. Condominium, House and Lot, Lot, also Office Spaces). We have 1% commission plus incentives and quarterly deals. 

I encountered success stories of a Seller in the company. One of that, is my childhood friend Jane who referred me to try Avida. At first, I liked what I am doing since I have my own time. You can manage your own time,  not the usual 9am to 5pm office.

But things changed as I’m not expecting. Since Jane is my team mate, I’m feeling that being a Real Estate is not my forte. Although, it’s too early to say. The pressures, worries for clients (doing follow-ups and stuff) and most especially STRESSED are the factors for me to not continue on my second month to feel that I would like to quit and go back to BPO. More importantly, my special someone from U.S arrived, my Brother’s wedding, Dad’s birthday and other events in the family added for the days I took off from work, although, my manager told me she understand these kind of events in the family.

I’m just writing this feeling that I’m going through. I salute all the people working in Real Estate and never doubt their capabilities. It’s Okay to Start again in other fields of work (as writing this, I would Like to try overseas jobs.) It’s your life not theirs, as long as you are HAPPY be it!

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Love more,


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